NOW is the time to Speak Up for Landline Telephones. Can You Hear Me Now?

Thank you very much to Californians for Safe Technology for the alert below. There is more information at also.


AT&T has applied with the California PUC to discontinue its Carrier of Last Resort (COLR) obligations for copper wire landlines. This decision would have devastating effects on consumer choice and public safety by phasing out essential landline services for all Californians – and would be particularly devastating to the elderly and those in rural communities.

I’m hoping that you can help stop this by doing one or more simple actions.

Your help in this will protect essential copper landlines from being decommissioned across California.What can you do? Attend, Call/Email or Submit on or before March 19, 2024

1.     Attend a hearing either in person or virtual (See Below)

In person:

February 22, 2024, 2 p.m. and6 p.m. In-person only Mendocino County Board of Supervisors
501 Low Gap Road, Room 1070, Ukiah, CA 95482
March 14, 2024, 2 p.m. and6 p.m. In-person only Indio City Hall Council Chambers
100 Civic Center Mall, Indio, CA 92201


March 19, 2024; 2 p.m. & 6 p.m. Virtual only Remote access via webcast or phone.
Live video broadcast with English or Spanish captions via webcast: 1-800-857-1917, passcode: 6032788#

2.   Call and/or Email – Calling is preferred, but both would be better. Sending an email only is second best – See talking points below. This can be done anytime before March 19th.

Alice Reynolds Office of the President / Executive Director Rachel Peterson (916) 894-5641

John Reynolds Commissioner

Maria Sotero Policy Advisor and Interim Chief of Staff

(415) 703-2494

Pilar Manriquez Deputy Chief of Staff

(916) 894-5689

Sasha Goldberg – Advisor

(415) 703-5340

Cait Pollock – Advisor

(415) 703-1535

Jake McDermott – Advisor


Carolyn Chen – Advisor

(415) 703-1980

3. Add a Public Comment,57,RIR:P5_PROCEEDING_SELECT:A2303002

Talking Points:

Why do we need copper landlines?

  1. The elderly population is more dependent on copper landlines and more likely to experience technology aversion and often do not have the ability or desire to use other technology.
  2. Traditional copper landline service is tied to an address making it the most dependable emergency communications tool currently available and is vital to helping emergency services identify your exact location.
  3. Copper landlines are more reliable than wireless or VoIP services in urban, suburban, and rural areas because the copper-based systems can still work even when the power is out.
  4. Many rural areas depend on their copper landlines and lack other options.
  5. Some people and businesses prefer the quality of wired connections.
  6. Some people have debilitating symptoms when in close proximity to wireless connections.
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Safe Living Technologies “Safe and Sound” RF Meters Available in our Store

Some people have asked why we no longer sell the Cornet meters that we sold for many years in our online store.

Though the Cornet 88T PLUS has been and continues to be an essential and popular tool for detecting smart meter radiation and other RF sources over the years, with the moving graph function very helpful for visualizing harmful smart meter radiation spikes, and many useful functions and extras, there have been some issues that have lead us to now generally recommend the use of Safe Living Technologies meters for regular RF detection.

Issues we have noticed with the Cornets include:

— inadequate measurement of the 5-8 GHz range (used for many wi-fi routers and cordless phones)

— not manufactured primarily for EMF health usage (like SLT meters)

— complex functionality that many people didn’t utilize

While it may seem tempting to buy a multi-function meter like the Cornet (to get “all in one” EMF measurement) or a cheap EMF meter from Amazon, we have concluded that these meters fall short when compared to higher quality single function meters like the SLT meters.

The Safe and Sound Classic and Safe and Sound Pro 2 both share the same antenna, and internal microprocessors. The difference between the two (apart from price) is that the Pro 2 also provides specific RF power density numbers (max., avg, and peak) which are very helpful if you need more granular measurements– eg. when you are trying to find the source of a RF signal.

Pick up a “Safe and Sound” meter today in our online store today and help meet our ongoing costs to run the website and hotline etc. If you can’t afford a meter, please e-mail us about used meters, and other options. Everyone needs EMF detection, to know what levels you are exposed to and deal with them.

Especially important for those with Electro-Hyper Sensitivity, but actually crucial equipment for everyone living in our electro-polluted world today, a Safe and Sound RF meter makes a great holiday gift.

Shop Stop Smart Meters! Online Store Today

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New Wave of Wild Forest Destruction in Name of Thinning and False Climate Solution Biomass Coming to Your Area

Stop Smart Meters! was founded in 2010 by a group of us to resist what was then being presented as a climate solution. Interestingly, you hardly ever hear this argument any longer as it has become clear that smart utility meters only increase energy consumption and carbon emissions. Smart meters are far from the only false climate solution being pushed by corporate interests.

Now energy industries– backed by the US Forest Service and the timber industry, are pushing another false solution in the name of renewable energy, hoping that people swallow the greenwashed lies and don’t understand that this means the destruction of wild forests (which we desperately need to absorb all the waste gases humans continue to stupidly dump into the sky!).

Our Lost Sierra-based group Feather River Action! is fighting the “Community Destruction Project”— a quarter million acre plan by the US Forest Service (Plumas National Forest) to mechanically and chemically devastate wild forest areas in the beautiful Feather River watershed using emergency authorization obtained from the U.S. congress and the Biden administration. Habitat destroyed by this project would be shipped to biomass plants and converted to wood pellets for export to Asia and the EU.

Don’t be fooled that “forest thinning” projects are anything other than industrial logging and extraction that increase wildfire threat to communities by making the climate crisis worse, drying out forests, and reducing evacuation time for communities.

In addition, if there is one thing that wireless companies and utilities hate, it is trees and forests as they block/ absorb microwave transmissions and surveillance. We need dense forests and so does wildlife.

You can find out more information, links to studies, and also sign up for updates at the Feather River Action! website. Please spread the word and don’t believe the hype.

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Ohio Utility Commission Rules Against Three Women Who Can’t Afford Smart Meter “Opt- Out” Fees

How many people do you know who would refuse smart meters but can’t afford the “opt out” fees?

Three women in Ohio filed legal complaints with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO).  They have cited health reasons for not wanting smart meters installed on their homes but they can’t afford the PUCO-approved “opt out” fees.  Now their cases are all being dismissed (1, 2, 3).

Smart meter “opt-out” fees are unlawful for EMF-disabled persons and violate ADA because they are a surcharge.  Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) refunded one California consumer’s opt-out fees when she filed a claim into their bankruptcy court proceeding.  A court waived “opt-out” fees for another California consumer by virtue of his disabling medical condition.

In 2017 a letter signed by 3 doctors was submitted to PUCO asking that there be no “opt-out” fees approved for Ohio consumers who refuse of smart meters.

The Ohio companies rejecting the women’s requests to drop the “opt out” fees are subsidiaries of FirstEnergy which has been under federal investigation for an ongoing scandal that has included offering bribes to Ohio officials (1, 2).  PUCO staff has been investigated in this scandal as well.

People are outraged about this attack on our fundamental rights to be safe in our homes. Those in poverty are being discriminated against, because of their inability to afford extortion fees for analog meters, and are thus facing lives of pain and medical issues because they can’t afford the opt out “protection money.”

Those  opposed to smart meters can email the following groups or join their Facebook pages. Grassroots direct refusal of these barbaric and illegal policies is the only way to obtain relief when government agencies, utilities, and courts are acting in collusion to deny the public their rights.

Children’s Health Defense Ohio Chapter, on Facebook, email

Citizens for 5G Awareness, NE Ohio, email

SWORT (SW Ohio for Responsible Technology), email and

SWORT Dayton

ORT (Ohioans for Responsible Technology)

CORT (Central Ohio for Responsible Technology)

Toledo Smart Meter Dangers

Stop Smart Meters Ohio

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Federal Wireless Death Legislation HR 3557 — Take Action

Thanks to Vicki Sievers of Marin County, CA for sending out this recent alert. Please take action today and let Washington know we will not tolerate this taking of our democracy by telecom giants!


The industry seeks to kick local authority and public discussion out of their way so they can install antennas wherever they want. 

The most egregious of the federal bills is HR 3557. In combination, the bills make a formidable threat to the rights of local governments and citizens. Here’s a key excerpt from a joint letter composed on behalf of the nation’s counties, cities, towns and villages, the National League of Cities (NLC), United States Conference of Mayors (USCM), National Association of Counties (NACo) and the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA) : “We fear the unintended consequence of some of these bills will be to impose costs on local governments, burdens on our taxpayers, interference with public safety and otherwise harm local protections that are the heart of localism without substantively improving broadband deployment.”


1) Please call and/or email your senators and congressperson to urge them to oppose HR 3557 and all federal telecom bills that put wireless industry profits ahead of critical local government decision-making and public safety.

To find your own U.S. Representative:

To find your US Senator:

2) If you have not already done so, please make sure your own city/town council knows about the bill(s). Ask your city/town to do what you did in #1— urge the three legislators to oppose HR 3557 and all telecom bills that take away rights of local government.

3) Ask at least three+ more people to do what you have done.

**More info/talking points:

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